Welcome Space Coast AOR To The Title Toolbox Report Widget

Benutech, Inc. would like to welcome all Space Coast AOR members to the Title Toolbox Report Widget. This widget provides Realtors® instant access to Net Sheets and Property Profiles as a FREE member benefit. Property Profiles and Net sheets are among the most popular and valuable resources for Realtors®, Title Companies, and Lenders to gather detailed property data and seller’s net proceeds upon the sale of a home. The partnership agreement between Benutech and Space Coast AOR allows the association members to log into their dedicated dashboard via a simple single sign on process and gain access to either report for their specific needs. 

How to locate and use your Title Toolbox Report Widget

Within your Space Coast AOR Dashboard, you will find a “Title Toolbox Property Reports & Net Sheets” button (left side of your screen) that will allow you to acquire Net Sheets and Property Profiles directly from the dashboard – at no cost to you as a Member. Simply click on “Title Toolbox” to access the property address bar – enter an address and choose “Net Sheet” or “Property Profile” and you will be provided access to these important reports directly from Space Coast AOR’s website. You will find the Net Sheets to be the easiest you have ever used. The Net Sheet provides specific property values (from AVM), property taxes, and existing loans, along with all other closing costs. It’s a tool we know you will use over and over again due to its ease of use.